LAIS Executive Director, Bobby Welch
LAIS Executive Director, Bobby Welch

Welcome to the LAIS website.  The Louisiana Association of Independent Schools (LAIS) was established in 2009.  Here are some interesting facts about our growing organization.  We invite you to become involved because "together we are better."

There are over 300 schools in the state of Louisiana which are classified as “non- public” with the Department of Education.

Approximately 50 independent schools have affiliated with LAIS since its inception.

LAIS has hosted over 15 professional events since 2009 with such notable speakers as: Jill Rigby-Garner, Diane Huber, Martha Kaufeldt, Danny Loar, Bruce Lockerbie, Wendy Mogel, and Steve Robinson.

LAIS has access to organizations such as Citizens for Educational Choice (CEC), the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE), the Louisiana Non-public Schools Commission, and the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

LAIS hosted its first statewide teacher conference October 10, 2012, with over 300 teachers in attendance.

The officers and executive committee of the LAIS is made up of the leaders of independent schools from around the state.
LAIS has a member school website and a quarterly newsletter – both of which are growing in ways to provide support for member schools.